SWANN 12MP Full HD Outback Camera

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SWANN 12MP Full HD Outback Camera
An amazing surveillance recording system with durable, water resistant casing & battery powered portability can operate in weather conditions & temperatures down to -4°F or -20°C
A day or night camera & DVR allows you to record clear photos with the 12 Megapixel camera or HD 1080p videos at 15 frames per second, with powerful night vision up to 50ft/15m. Track the exact recording time with day, time & moon phase stamping

- High definition 1080p
- Amazing high resolution 12 Megapixel camera
- Durable water resistant casing
- Powerful day & night vision up to 50ft/15m
- Wide angle view
- Convenient motion activated recording to SD Card
- Portable with battery power