27" Super Slim FHD Monitor

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27" Super Slim FHD Monitor
The Amicroe MicroSD™ memory card is ideal for increasing the storage capacity of cell phones, portable gaming consoles, PDA’s and other digital devices, allowing you to download, play, and store media and applications. The card capacity ranges from 2GB to 128 GB. * FHD (1920 x 1080 resolution) * 60Hz refresh rate * Super slim design (10.0mm bezel) Depending on needs, a MiniSD adapter and SD adaptor can be ordered with the card. With the MiniSd adaptor and the SD adaptor the MicroSD™ card can be used as a standard size SD card, which means it is compatible with an even wider variety of devices. Depending on SD-card slot size, adjust the size of your MiniSD card for transferring data from PC to camera, to mobile phone or any combination of SD card based equipment. Serious Storage. Depending on the card capacity, thousands of songs, photos, videos, games and other media files can be stored, meeting the needs of consumers on the move. Unleash the Power of Your Mobile Phone and other MicroSD enabled handheld devices. In the ever-changing world of mobile technology, memory cards need to match the demands of the latest applications found in today's feature-rich mobile phones.

Price listed is for one 128GB MicroSD Card